Wrapping up 2018

D4 looking back on the past year

As our year draws to a conclusion we look back on all our incidents, accomplishments, and hard work of our members. This was a busy year for LHFD. We blew past last year's total months ago.

Now more than ever we need help to keep our community safe.

Maybe 2019 is the year you join us on the incident grounds. You will never find a more rewarding pursuit. We guarantee it.

Volunteers WANTED!

Are you really joining to sign up for another Gym you won't ever go to?

Make a New Year's Resolution that you'll actually enjoy. Do something you can be proud of. Live a life that some can only dream about. Come down and talk to us about volunteering. All equipment, training and attire are provided by the Department.

The only thing stopping you from becoming one of Parsippany's Bravest is you. Come down and talk to an officer about joining up. You'll never get this much satisfaction out of running a treadmill.