1972 Young Bison - RETIRED

 During 1972, Lake Hiawatha added a third pumper to its arsenal. This 1972 Young Bison became the department's first combination pumper and ladder truck. Equipped with a 1,250 G.P.M. Pump, 500 gallon water tank, two booster reels, two 1½ inch pre-connected hose lines of 200 feet each, along with 1000 feet of 2 ½ and 1000 feet of 3 inch hose. The apparatus also carried various length ground ladders including a 45 foot, 3-section Bangor ladder. 643 was the seventh of eight trucks that the Young Fire Equipment Co., Of Buffalo, New York built for the Township Of Parsippany Troy Hills Fire Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 over the years. Young went out of business in 1991.


 Engine 643 was upgraded twice during the late 1980's by Pierce Manufacturing Inc., of Appleton, Wisconsin. The first up grade was mechanical with the removal of the gasoline engine and manual transmission and the installation of a new V-6 Detroit Diesel Engine and an Allison Automatic Transmission along with rebuilding the 1250 G.P.M. Hale fire pump and returned as a new truck. The following year the truck was completely re-furbished with a new white over red paint job. After 23 years of faithful service to Lake Hiawatha, Engine 643 was replaced by a modern aerial ladder truck and the truck was sold to an equipment dealer in Wisconsin.